It was a few days ago at an event that I put on that one of the panelists made a reference to YOLO, one I suppose everyone in the room knew except myself. YOLO, for those that maybe don't know, references You Only Live Once, a phrase popularized by singer and rapper Drake.

So much of what we take on in the world isn't a very accurate reflection of any kind of belief that life is precious. The reality is that we don't know how long we have here in this lifetime. If Steve Jobs had put his calling on hold, I may not be typing on this Mac.

If Rosa Parks hadn't sat, would segregation still be legal?

If you never gave your "crazy" idea a chance, called up the girl you like or decided to at least try to launch that new website, I wonder what we would be missing out on as a result.

You only get this moment once. There's no reason not to make the best of it.