Make the call

What does it take for you to make an important phone call or send that urgent email? I talked about it a little bit here but I'm wondering if there isn't more to it still?

One of the things that got in the way of me making challenging phone calls, ones where I feared being rejected or hung up on by important people, was that I didn't see the value in them hearing my story.

I thought that I was bothering them, interrupting their important day or wasn't good enough or important enough to be heard.

And it was a horrible way of viewing my work although an all too common mindset for sales people and start-up people alike. I'd argue in fact for anyone doing anything worthwhile.

The reality is that your message needs to be heard and you're the only one who can share it.

It's normal and totally ok to be scared, to feel the adrenaline rush right before you call and to hope, if only for a second, that they don't pick up so you don't really have to face the potential rejection.

But your duty as a professional is to live through that fear and make the call anyways.

That is what separates you from the amateurs in the world.

Remember the next time you aim to make an important call or send out an important email that your mission is needed in this world. And that the more detrimental outcome is if the world doesn't have the chance to hear of it.


So go, tell your story and move through the fear. If you do it right, they will become some of the most defining moments of your life.