Why it isn't you (and it should be)

The promotion, the new client, the new vendor. It they don't choose you, they are inevitably going to pick someone else. If there's a real need, they are going to hire someone, period.

We think that as we rise in power and climb the corporate ladder that we have to smarter, faster, wittier, etc. etc.in proportion to the perceived value of the task we are undertaking.

If the contract is for $1,000,000 and you usually do deals around the $20,000 range, then you need to be that much smarter. You need to compensate by $980,000 of something to perform at that job.

If the promotion means that your title goes from Brand Manager to CMO, then you need to be seen as even more powerful, more of an authority, and make even fewer mistakes. Perfect would actually be ideal.

But that's not true.

The truth is that as we step into the ranks of our greatness and find ourselves next to the Einsteins, the Obama's, the Godin's of the world, that much of it has to do with being able to have a vote of confidence in yourself.

To own your genius and your stupidity.

To be able to stand the heat of the kitchen and run with the new pace of game. Much of it is actually an emotional adjustment as opposed to some physical ability to produce more.

The degree to which you are more comfortable with uncomfortable situations, looking others in the eyes without flinching and in asking others for help, the better you will do in roles that require more responsibility and/or offer greater revenue/pay.

It is not about being 100 times smarter; it's about being 100 times more confident, 100 times readier to fail and 100 times more conditioned to play a faster game.