Getting over industry limitations

There's a fine line between creating just the right amount of trust by abiding by the rules and between getting stuck, trapped if you will in the suit of the job you don't want (as opposed to the old adage of dressing for the job you actually want). Sometimes we jump ahead- we want to be Olympic athletes without ever going through the qualifying rounds (the rule stage, the test round). People inherently want to see both what we're made of and how we compare against the competition. In the early stages of anything, we inevitably have to go through and endure some of the process.

It's valuable in both building your reputation, credibility, in building a network and in learning the ropes (which is actually quite valuable).

But then there's the act of being stuck, of your vision and will being determined by the rules and guidelines in front of you. Thinking that you must do x to get y, when in reality that's just a limiting belief. You do not in fact have to do x to get y.

The reality is that too much process kills creativity and resourcefulness. It makes it easier to say no early on and retract your decision-making power, your innate ability to make miracles happen.

And then I'm reminded of the Buddhist philosophy of being happy wherever you're at and to enjoy the ride, the moment, the now. Be ready to go to the qualifying rounds and to wow the world when you make it to the Olympics.

Also be ready to challenge the bureaucratic machine and even step around it if necessary.