Fear vs. Love: Which one drives you?

" Motivation is fire from within, only you can light it." --Anonymous (tweetable)

The biggest assassin of future prosperity isn't lack of information. In an age where most people have access to the internet, we, if anything, are drowning in information.

No, the biggest assassin of anything worth pursuing is fear.

We call it by many names: anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, apathy, but when you widdle them down to their purest form, they are simply fear.

But fear of what?

And love of what for that matter, because if you endeavor to do anything worthwhile, there is "the love of something" involved as well.

Love of impact.

Love of growth.

Love of fame.

Love of adventure.

Love of [fill in the blank]...

The key to finding our stride in life  is in recognizing if our actions are ones of fear or of love. The true predictor of long term and genuine success isn't solely in your revenue or net worth, but in whether you move through life from a place of fear or of relentless faith.

The result of continual fear is lack of right action. Either we do nothing at all, fearful of making a mistake, letting someone down or looking foolish (we've all been there) or, we take action, but only follow the advice of the masses.

We don't dare stray into the realm of creativity or possibility, the places where the well worn path cannot possibly take us.

That is where our genius lies and that is the scariest terrain to travel.

But it's oh-so-worth it.

In this 20 minute juicy podcast, you are going to learn:

  • Figuring out what our calling is (and how we can be comfortable once we know it)
  • The difference between fear and love (and why knowing the  difference is game changing for your business)
  • Why risk isn't what you actually seek, but this one thing instead
  • How to find focus and peace in the journey, even when the road gets rough
  • Hear some pretty funny analogies that will make you laugh
  • And much more...

Grab a listen below:


You folks are the real geniuses around here and I want to know:

What is one example where you took action based on FAITH?

Maybe this felt "risky" and you didn't know what the outcome would be, but you did it anyway. What specific action did you take what was the outcome?

Leave your response in the comments below (I can't wait to read them!).

paz y amor,


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