Why finding your true voice can feel so hard. 

Image by Farouq Samnani 

Image by Farouq Samnani 

Plus details on a 12-Week brand Intensive for small business owners and creatives. 

We’re not raised, to be honest with ourselves or others. We’re taught niceties before we’re shown truthfulness. Compliance or aggression before boundaries. Half-truths and white-lies over “no thank you’s” and “no, I don’t want to’s”. 

When we’re asked what we actually think, it can feel like pulling teeth to muster up something that feels authentic and true. That isn't merely a reflection of what others have projected onto us. 

The other day I was fumbling around in my morning pages, a daily writing ritual borrowed from The Artist’s Way, and the following came out:

Our identities extend beyond our circumstances.

So much of who perceive ourselves to be is the byproduct of what someone else has told us or reflected back to us. Our values, beliefs, and even how we feel, often fall under the same external vigilance that we internalize and make our own. 

But is it our own?

And what would it look like to craft our identity intentionally? To find and cultivate our voices with grace? 

Many people fear that they’ll go searching for their voice the same way they would fool’s gold at the end of an eternal rainbow. 

What if I don’t find anything? What if the search is in vain?

What if I have nothing to say or don’t like what comes out?

your search is never in vain if it’s sincere. 

You always find something on the other side of nothing, which is what we’re striving for. 

Something. It need not be perfect. 

And if you don’t love what you have to say, it’s a cue to dig deeper. We can always make what you say sound better, but if you don’t love the essence of your work, that’s a tip from the universe to revisit what you’re talking about. 

In the next four weeks, I’m launching a 12-week intensive online to help people like you find their true voice and share it on the internet. 

Participants will learn to sell themselves and their ideas in a sincere way. If you’re the face of your business and/or you’re in the business of leading, selling, communicating with others, this is for you. 

Maybe you’re a writer, a small business owner, an aspiring artist, a designer, coach, nomad, marketer, blogger, and/or mother of two. 

Maybe you’re experiencing a creative block. Maybe you don't like what you're writing, designing or shooting. Maybe you're bored.

Maybe you don't want to do this alone or want to improve your craft. 

Maybe you want to see yourself on the stages of TEDx and have no idea what to say. 

Maybe you have the inkling that something big resides inside of you, but you just don’t know how to make sense of the whispers. 

This is for you. 

I’ll be releasing more details next weeks. Stay tuned. 

And remember, the desire to know yourself more intimately is a valiant one. The courage to listen to yourself, daring. And the faith to respond to such whispers and express them publicly, well this makes you a rare breed indeed. 

Sharing your gifts with the world is never a task for the faint of heart. 

I hope you’ll consider joining me.

If you have questions now or want to connect before we launch next week, contact me here (or click reply if you got this in an email). I'm keeping this session intimate so there's a limited number of spots.