The benefit of limitation.

Image by Farouq Samnani

Image by Farouq Samnani

Confinement isn’t all bad. The weight of this life long experience and my increasing awareness around it becomes a pressure cooker of sorts that focuses me and says, 

“Hey. You can look at the shit or focus on the sun. Focusing on the sun shows you the grand illusion that is your life experience, the source of our suffering as well as the way out.”

It’s often from our struggles that our greatest work is born.

I don’t suggest that you inflict suffering upon yourself to find your next masterpiece. I don’t much see the intrigue in the sad, struggling artist. 

But pain, as Buddhists would tell you, is inevitable. And from the pain and trials inflicted upon us--and even those we impart onto others--lays wisdom. Art. The story of being human.

I’m biased, but I don’t know of anything more powerful than a well-timed, sincere story demonstrating the universal experience on this planet that is being  human.