Your gut doesn't lie

We start off on this path with conviction and passion. Eyes bright and hearts full, we are ready to go and full of energy and life force. And that's the easy part (kind of).

Then we get step foot into the game and we do battle for a bit, mostly with ourselves in fact. We learn the rules, the expectations and we begin to want to be a part of the group.

We want the bling that makes us cool and the recognition that validates us which in and of itself is pretty legitimate, right?

So we play along until playing stops making sense. The thrill of the game loses it thrill and we find ourselves looking to higher ground.

It's there that we reach points of unmistakable doubt marred by deep truth. The voice you can't shake, not because it's the nagging, shrieking shrill of fear, but because it's truth.

She's silent and consistent. She's the face in the mirror. She's the voice amidst silence.

Sometimes we're beckoned to go down roads that seem lonely, hard and foolish.

ʺYou want me to go where?ʺ we ask. ʺThere?ʺ

But what if we trusted our gut a tad bit more?

What if you reached down within yourself, and dug, past all of the rationalizations and bullshit (you know what I'm talking about) and acknowledged what you really wanted so you could have a life that excited you, not one that ʺjust didn't suckʺ?

And what if we were more decisive in making the tough decisions because we knew that we would be better off despite what may seem like a temporary set back?

Because our gut, our truth, is never wrong.

You may be wrong in understanding her but she in fact is infallible by nature.