You haven't been getting our new blog content, have you?

Let me first say that I feel like a royal ass for what I'm about to share, but I'm also equally grateful that I found the problem and am able to share the lesson with you smart people. This morning I woke up to a text from a friend.

She wasn't getting any new content from my blog and was curious why. The loyal friend and reader that she is, she even resubscribed way back in January to ensure she wasn't missing any of the goodies.

One fine day she decided to digitally mosy over to the  site and in fact see new content!

And there was lots of it!

So why wasn't she getting it?

It turns out that none of you were getting any new content since November 2012.

Somewhere in cyberspace Lauryn was tinkering with her email list settings and paused the campaign. For five months, no one was getting any emails from this blog.

And this explains a lot.

It explains the random spike in unsubscribes when I sent out a direct email in February.

It explains, potentially, the lack of response to certain content I was sure would be juicy for you guys.

But even more than all of that, it really shows me the importance of a few key lessons that I'm going to share with you. 

Why you need to slow down to succeed in business

Below this post you are going to find a video I made for you guys, complete with a public apology, an explanation of the real reason I failed and how you can prevent systems and fear from ruining your business. Check it out below (and notice my oh-so-cool mock backdrop... it's really the backside of a mattress cover. We're in the midst of moving!)

Please note: you can jump to the "how not to make this business mistake" part of the video at minute 5:33

You're also going to find all the content you missed including how to get more attention for your blog, part one of a FREE three part sales tutorial, how to brand yourself on a budget and more. There is a ton of incredible content that I've been really focusing on to make your life and business better.

Top content you missed

(You guys missed a lot. Hope you enjoy catching up on your reading. Let me know which ones you liked best!)

Now, tell me what you really want to learn

Tell me what your top three concerns are about your business.

What three key problems keep you up at night and what have you tried that hasn't worked?

An example might be:

I am really stressed out about how to grow my blog, how to bring on a team that's affordable and efficient and how to make money doing what I love. I tried to hire the team via Elance, but can't find great people and I've read a lot of blogs to learn how to grow my own. Now I feel stuck.

Post your responses in the comments below. I take what you guys say to heart and am focusing on creating content that knocks your socks off (and adds some bling to your bank accounts).