What you don't get

It's not that they're mad about spending money or the mere thought that you'd even ask, it's that they want to see value in what you're offering. They need to justify this spend to someone else.

How does it make them, the decision maker at the company who oversees the bling bling for this initiative, look good when all things are considered?

So many of us enter a conversation thinking that they might be mad we're charging and oh, well, if it were free it would be so much easier.

Let me tell you, I've had trouble even selling free!

The reality is that for clients representing large companies with a budget, money is a given. Of course they're going to pay (unless the industry standard is that it's free).

It's not their money after all, it's their company's.

They fear humiliation and reprimand not bankruptcy.

So then it becomes a question of trust.

How can they trust you not to humiliate them?

How is this going to look good given all the demands they have throughout the day?

They have 100 million options. Why should they yes to you and no to everyone else?

Therefore how you make them feel is the key.

And that so many times is what sells.