What are you good at?

Someone asked me once, at the beginning of The Domino Project, what I was good at. I didn't have much of a response.

The truth is that it seemed to me that each person on the team already had an identity and I very much so felt like a stumbling underdog without an identity (god-forbid).

I was hesitant to say a role that another person already occupied, probably because I didn't want to be compared for fear of shameful disproportion in skills and fame.

But as much as it was fear, I just didn't know. I was trying 200 things in NYC to make a buck to help people out and nothing had quite stuck.

So before you go out looking for the next gig or job to put some money in the bank, ask yourself what you're good at? And what are you good enough at that you like and if you got even better would probably enjoy more?

Because to take a skill from good to great involves work, toil and errors along the way so you should like what you do to some degree.

Pair that with some other useful skills and see what kind of jobs and services you can provide people. Most folks sell themselves short on what they can do for fear of being a fake, subpar or just plain sucking.

But so what if you suck? You're a working progress. ;)