The two-fold approach

Home-runs feel great. You knock one right over the fence and the crowd cheers in awe and excitement. But what about the base hits? The ones that keep you in the game?

Each part is an important part of a bigger formula for success.

  • In sales, if you only go for the Coca-Colas of the world, you miss out on the day to day income that sustains you (especially in the beginning) and that builds your reputation. You take a big risk in taking yourself out of the game and early on.  But if you only go for one-hitters, you miss out on the excitement and joy that drives business ventures. You also are less competitive because you aren't building key relationships with the big guys, the ones that have their role too.
  • When applying to college, regardless of how confident you are, you apply to "big hit" schools" and some "small hit" schools. This "keeps you in the game" longer, even if it means a transfer up or out later on.
  • When looking for media coverage for your fundraiser, you don't only go for the and the Forbes of the world. You go for both because the more coverage the better and anyways, you're in it for the long haul. These are relationships you'll need and use for years and years to come…

So my approach is almost always two-fold. I go for both, realizing that Coca Cola is a far slower guy to win over and that the one-hitters keep me in the game, strengthen my position and allow me to improve my craft and offering.

Slow and steady wins the race…