the REAL project?

One of the most important journeys in our lifetime on this planet is to come into our fullest self. To realize who the f*&* we are and I don’t say this to be corny or 80's-style′s, "as seen on TV" motivational. I say it because it’s the truth.

To look back on your life and feel small or have it filled with regrets is an absolute diservice to yourself and to the world around you.

Who wants to live like that? I don’t.

Over the past four years, I've been VP of Partnerships for two of Seth Godin's companies, creating deals with some of the largest brands in the worlds, worked at the American Embassy in Rome, Italy with a TOP SECRET security clearance, started 3 companies, studied in communist Cuba, learned two languages and am about to launch my own show.

I'm obsessed with adventure and being real while doing so.

But what most people don't realize is that your unique story and real way of showing up in the world is one of your biggest, secret weapons in business.

We have been taught to hide who we are but in the new economy, in today's world, your brand and who you are is incredibly important.

People are envious of adventure and intrigued with people who show up as themselves. And those two ingredients happen to be some of the best tools in marketing!

So why aren't you doing it?

For me it was because I was tremendously scared, didn't know where to start and thought that it was bad business practice to be "real" in the workplace.

To incorporate my personal style.

To use my voice.

And it was recently that I identified one of my greatest fears: to punk out, misuse the gifts I was born with and walk the last mile having never lived up to my full potential.

Maybe you can relate.

In fact, I've spent the past 8 years trying to re-find my voice and the balls to be myself (again). To redevelop the wise-ass kid inside me that was always looking for fun, laughter and a new adventure. You can see a bit of that in my TEDx talk here.

And that’s a process, one I don't think we need to go at alone.

But what I realized is that so long as I believed I couldn't be myself in business (even big business with F500 companies), I would never reach my full potential. It's impossible. To not share your genius and raw creativity is to fall short of your very own empire waiting to be created.

That was a big revelation.

Hence the REAL project (RP).

RP is a solution to smallness, stagnancy, boredom and punking out... it’s purpose sort of implied by its name alone. It’s an experiment to take people and their businesses to the next level through some bad-ass branding, solid, strategic partnerships and a mix of personal style and health.

It's the breakfast of champions.

Together we:

  • Assess who you are in the world
  • What is your current brand?
  • Evaluate social media and digital assets
  • Define clear brand messaging around who you are in the world
  • Figure out who you want to be and how to get you there through action and adventure
  • How to leverage past "failures" as successes
  • Identify what’s important to you and how to be "real" in the biggest and most leverage-able way possible
  • Understand the clear signals that are needed to work with major brands and reputable organizations
  • Create a plan to grow your reach within in your community
  • Determine potential digital strategy and partnerships to grow that message that may include interviews, writing for major media outlets and more
  • Adopt a powerful presence to be charismatic leader

It's about having fun so you can become your realest self and show the world what a bad ass you truly are.

But the process is far less important than the results and how you'll feel at the end.

People often ask me sales questions about why the deal doesn’t close and then immediately turn to useless tactics, missing the most obvious solution: themselves.

The real solution is to be so BIG that the world dare not ignore you. That’s the key to the deal.

The answers lay in what you're too scared to say, right now. All the genius you keep tucked away, hidden, for fear of being seen, exposed, ignored, laughed at or even successful.

That’s what the REAL project is about.

It’s a test, a trial, an adventure to bring out the real you onto a stage bigger than you could ever imagine.

But it's not for everyone. Not everyone is into being the lead of their own play. And that's ok; this isn't for them.

However, it's a great fit for the influencers and thought-leaders out there wanting to play a bigger game... for people who like to try new things and  are excited by the thought of fun.

For the folks who like a good challenge especially when the reward is great...

This is for you, for us, for our tribe of people changing the world on our own terms.

For anyone who wants more respect.

More influence.

More adventure.

And to stop wasting time on all the stuff that doesn't work....

Are you down?


Thinking you’re up for the ride?

You can start by hittin’ me up here.



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