Why 'small' kills.

It's a natural tendency, especially for amateurs, to think small when they have enough momentum to think big. Big is what sells. Not small, not mediocre, but big, new, exciting.

People seem to develop tunnel vision. It's as if they have glasses that only allow them to see two square inches is any direction. The result is overwhelming attention to many times what is irrelevant detail and a very poor understanding of context because their focus is so microscopic.

So instead of creating a blogger outreach list of 500, they say fivewill do.

Rather than setting goals to raise $500k in sponsorship dollars, they say $5,000 will do.

Instead of launching a twitter campaign that rallies some of the biggest and most ethical influencers, they set their aim on 15 people who have about 50 followers each.

The key lays in thinking big not in the race to the bottomless pit of minutiae. Thinking small is fear dressing up as rationality and practicality. It's self-defeating at every level.

Don't tell me about the 5-tweet campaign you set up. Tell me about the 500 tweeter campaign you launched that changed the viewpoints of 100's of influencers. THAT is exciting. That has my attention. And since we're always selling, attention is a must.

What are you doing to get it?