What you're telling the world (and maybe don't even know it)

Marketing is the conversation that you're having with a potential customer. From colors, to fonts, to uniforms, to promotions, to the package itself, everything in your marketing is conveying a very specific message to the world about who you are. It's really quite simple and culture plays a huge role.

If you go on a first date and you wear a mini skirt that shows your butt cheeks, with a top that doesn't leave much to the imagination, you're telling the world a story about yourself. Whether it's true or not, the world is listening.

If people sign up for your online newsletter and all of the sudden start getting spammed, that sends a very strong signal to the reader.

If you build a grocery store in NYC and have the windows covered in coupon ads with blinking lights, that tells the world a very different story than Whole Foods or Trader Joes.

Different stories attract different types of people.

What story are you telling?

P.S. Happy Birthday to my little sister Julia. xoxo