Taking criticism

Once you start getting more well known, it seems like everyone has an opinion.  

People want to hang out more, maybe get more of your advice, sometimes are offended if you simply aren't able to hang out, and maybe are quicker to tell you what they think. It's as if their expectations of you have risen and they feel obliged to tell you when you don't necessarily live up to them.


More people want to be your friend, which is a great thing, except that you now have more awesome people in your life and the same amount of time in the day.


These are great problems to have and this seems to be a natural progression of success.


Take it as a sign that you're doing something right.


And as Scott Belsky recently tweeted,

"Always consider the contrarian approach, don't always take it."


Take what others say with a grain of salt. Trust your gut and be willing to have your world rocked.