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Episode 1: I woke up like this (and the fear of being seen)

I'm not sure why it is that the work we feel drawn to yields so much resistance. It seems that we think the things we love most are the most impossible and pointless to pursue.


For the next few weeks, the videos will be retroactive and not totally in accordance with where I'm currently located. I'm playing catch up. For example. this video says that I'm in Panama and well, I'm actually in Montreal! That being said, I should probably talk a bit more about what this whole video things is...

After having chatted with a new friend in Panama (hi Stuart!) and rediscovering Casey Neistat, I felt compelled to bite the bullet and just dive into shooting without much of an idea as to what the final product would look like.

For me, diving into the path of the artist and really committing to blogging has been the product of ghost roads and phantom futures being burnt to the ground in the past year. If you've followed any of the my blog or Instagram over the past 6 months, I talk very openly about the state I was in after some major loss. I'm flattered in some ways by the Universe's insistence that I stand in my true power.

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