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I didn't think that anyone read my work.

I didn’t think that anyone read my work.

“I used to follow you on YouTube, when you were shooting,” he commented on Facebook, during one of my many attempts to discern which of the 1 million social platforms would be best to get my message out into the world.

What was my message again?

“I’ve decided I’m going to be a writer,” Marina said. “Like, a real one. With my life.”— Marina Keegan. The Opposite of Loneliness.
All of the happenings of the past 24 hours leading up to getting this book into my hands are somehow strangely perfect and sad to me. I sat, for a good portion of yesterday morning, trying to decipher which words would best describe how I wanted to feel in the world.

I wanted to feel good and didn’t, so fuck, I thought, let me try out some CDF’s. Maybe you’re familiar with this work by author Danielle LaPorte. Core Desired Feelings she calls them.

But I was at a loss for words. Words, it felt, put me further into my mind and out of my body, so how could I know how I wanted to feel if I was being forced to think?


How do I want to feel?

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Episode 2: Bad Dreams and My Last Day in Panama

So much of my life I don't regret, even the craziest of happenings. But on occasion, even if it's rare, I step into situations, particularly with people, that I wish I hadn't. The sunk cost of energy, time and what feels like poor human conduct leaves a deep wound and scar.

Is there someone in your life that you wish you never met? Or was there a time when you felt that way, but maybe your sentiments changed? I'd love to here more about your personal experience. For me, people have been a favorite hiding spot of mine on the journey of purpose and art.

I love helping people and devoting myself almost unconditionally. But when the relationship is toxic and draining, it ends up taking from you in ways that are hard to replenish.

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