Surpass your fear

The fear of loss, rejection and failure are great. They sit in the back of your mind, whispering, yelling, playing intricate movies of death, failure and embarrassment. And that's ok.

There is only fear or love and only one can consume your brain at a time. There's no co-sharing in this. It's one or the other at any given moment.

So if it's fear, know that it's not love. Fear is exhausting and limiting in it's ability to create for us, to work in our favor.

Many times we think that fear is indicative of truth. We rationalize our fears, we justify them, we make them true.

Transcending your fear and acting in the face of it is like a muscle; it's strength we need to cultivate. We can do it, it just takes practice. The closer we get to the prize, the louder the fear gets and luckily over time, the more trained we are to play on our edge, the less influential that fear becomes.

You can send energy to fear or love. To possibility and opportunity or to disaster mindset. They are both a choice and both outcomes are equally feasible.

This quote always sets things in perspective for me when I feel the greatest amount of fear before doing something:

“The presence of fear means only that fear is present, and nothing more."