Stop Complaining. What it takes to MAKE it!

Most people mistake their fears as being accurate representations of their current situation. That is their first mistake. Their second mistake is that they further legitimize them by believing them and as a grave consequence, they permit them to shape their lives...

Most people allow the world to forge their futures. They allow any sway of the wind or sneeze to dictate their life. A small minority forges their own.

There is a key distinction to be made between those who BUILD their own future and those who are simply a product of the insanity we call "modern society". The question I want you to ask yourself today, which of "those" are YOU?


You can't do something half-heartedly and half-commited and expect results above and beyond just that. A hard truth for the blind individual, and whether we want to admit it or not, we are all blind to some degree, is that the life you are leading is EXACTLY the life you want; it is merely a reflection of your inner state. Most disagree with such a statement until they look deeper within themselves to realize what their inner state is, and what their thoughts are, to realize that they are plagued with doubt and constant unconcious compromising of their future. Essentially, they are accepting less in their life out of fear and that is the state of your spirit: totured, starved and fearful. That is what we give the world and therefore, that is what the world returns to us 10 fold.

The commitment it takes to succeed must run deep. It is an energy far more powerful than the energy from which complaining and self-doubt are derived, because the committment needed to succeed is synonomous to a partnership with God. When you know you are armed with the power of the universe, you realize complaining is silly. Saying, “It’s so hard, not a lot of people make it, blah blah blah,” is wasted, poop energy. I cannot stand hearing excuses. I would rather you say nothing and stop polluting the world with negative energy than you expound your god-given spirit telling everyone and everything all the reasons WHY you just simply have all the cards stacked against you. I honestly would rather step in front of a bus. Sorry, but it's the truth. Life is too short to sit around telling everyone what shit your life is. If you don't like it, what makes you think I would?

All incessant complaining says to me is a. you doubt yourself b. you lack that core commitment c. I hear the excuses used by your ego to justify your preplanned failure, because when you talk like that, you have already decided you aren’t fully committed. You have already decided that you will NOTattain the success you seek. You have unconciously compromised your future and limited your potential, Period. That is your ego’s escape, “Eh, it was too hard," or, "It was just luck that that guy made it." That doubt is pure ego, because your spirit does not care about winning or losing, because it knows it is about the journey and the moment, so you live passionately now towards a greater vision still. THAT is the commitment I am talking about. It is knowing there is no other option but success, there is no going back and that you will do the damn thing if it is the very last friggen thing you do on this earth! You want to make it? Then decide to make it, whatever making "it" means to you, and never, not for a second look back.

I know I have very strong view points on this and naturally offend people who say to themselves, “But I am trying so hard, life is so hard, etc.” Yea, I get like that sometimes. We all do. I get like that when I doubt myself, when I am tired and lonely, and you know what it is? EGO. Humans have egos.

In those moments, I say thank you and I look at my blessings and remind myself that success is guaranteed and of how blessed I am now. My attitude immediately changes. If you cannot attest to the blessings in your life, then you are a fool. And here's the kicker, there is no reason to take offense to being called a fool, because we are ALL, to some degree, a fool! Some-however- are far greater fools than others, and that is what we aim to correct, the degree of our own foolishness.

Why must you have commitment down to your core? Because to make it, to be like Jordan in whatever you do, THAT is what it takes.

I never say can’t and I almost never verbalize fears that justify me not succeeding. Instead, I tell people I WILL be a millionaire before 30. It holds me more accountable and I don't care if they don't believe me. ALL THE BETTER IF THEY DON'T. Will I still succeed despite their bitter disapproval? YES. Why? Because I know there is no other option! To the degree that you give yourself an "escape route", is the degree to which you WILL NOT succeed. Take the total amount of success, happiness, belief in self, etc,(x) then quantify your "escape route" factor (y) and substract that from x. That is your limit. Innately, we are infinite beings and our potential is limitless. But, it is that "escape route" factor, also known as self-doubt and fear, that limits our potential, making it into a simple equation telling us we can only attain x amount of anything.

The commitment that gets you to where you need to be is pure, it is relentless, it is like water.

You want shit to work in your life, that is the commitment you need. Anything less, I just don’t bother.