Society *IS NOT* REAL says Rebel Lifestyle Design

Society is a big phantom word describing the intangible rules, structures and expectations we place on ourselves and subconsciously reinforce through our own abidance and through the reprimand or shunning of those who stray.

You can't hold society.

You can't touch it.

It isn't real.

Then we speak of "breaking free", sticking it to "the man" and other similar jargon. Breaking free is not, in a literal sense, some tangible process where you break physical chains and run free. In fact, society itself is not "as serious" as everyone makes it, but the repercussions of "society gone wild" are immense.

Begin to think from a place of logic and truth, and society will begin to transform. Think from a place of stale tradition and fear, so continues society (for more information, I recommend A New Earth from Eckhart Tolle). In the latter, we will continue to destroy ourselves and the earth we live on. That is the serious consequence. But really, what we must face is ourselves. To say, "it's society!" is to fight the air, which is both pointless and somewhat funny to watch. Inherently being an insolvable predicament, the very problem we began with is perpetuated.

We are society. Each one of us that does not think on their own is adding to the monstrous beast we call "society". Societal change begins with you. Whether that be protesting BP oil or oil in general, because they refuse to lose money by shutting the valve on the oil leak (I am contemplating some extreme personal measures myself: public trans or bike Maybe it's recognizing the insanity in blindly following rules that are as unreal as our nightmares.

To me, I picture a small child whispering into the ear of a parent that she lost something. That person tells another person that tells another person and soon, there is race of 1 billion people all frantically searching for something. Each generation searches more fervently than the last, none of which can answer why they search or even what they are searching for, but to not search is to be scorned.  You must search! Everyone dedicates their day to the search! Who are you, if not the search? One day, mid day, the whole mass stops and says, what was it that we were searching for anyways? The race stops. The mania stops. The crowd disperses. Society ceases to exist.

We shun society, but until we are a part of the solution, we are still an aggravating part of the problem, one we have come to call society. I would call it the irrational mania of the human condition. So why continue?