Saying nothing at all

I've come to believe that your "word" is one of the most defining characteristics of any human being. Your word consists of what you actually say and the energy you embody.

Some people talk and don't say much of anything. In perfect prose that any thesaurus or Harvard PhD would be proud of they rattle off nothing of substance. Their skill is to say almost nothing conclusive. A sad place it seems for it signifies you're lost, hiding or utterly indifferent.

But even while some may use big words, mouths moving 100 miles a minute, even if their Crest smiles shine from ear to ear, there is yet another conversation taking place.

In a place beneath the flow of their voice and in the hesitation before each breath.

It's the glimmer in the faint outline of the whites of their eyes.

And it radiates in every cell of their body.

That is in fact what they're really saying.

Both you can study but only one you can fake.