Resting before the hunt

It's a consistent impulse of mine to push, win and conquer. What can I say? I'm a lioness at heart. But lions instinctively know when to rest and are even seen as a bit lazy when they aren't in the midst of pursuing their next meal. And they hunt as a team; their success depends on it.

There are moments in the chase when the best thing to do is to go into a full speed sprint, and other moments where the best course of action is to lay still, intensely focused, until the moment is right to strike. Success lays in patience and observation just as much as it lays in fast, explosive action.

In our sales calls, new business ventures and pursuit of funding, we are all in the midst of one massive hunt where our being fed depends on the pack and in our understanding of when act and when to pause and chill the f*out.



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