Push back or Pull back?

There are moments when we can either choose to push harder or rest. We can choose to jump off the cliff of the mountain we've just climbed with the convicting belief that we'll make it to the other side or we can rest at the top, take a breather and gather strength for the big push.

I don't know that either is necessarily right or wrong, but I know that learning the difference between the two is what defines champions versus amateurs. Learning and mastering that split second push is the sign of a true professional at their craft.

There is a very real difference between pain and injury. Working out, I'm in a total sweat, sometimes to the point of throwing up, but it feels great. Am I insane? Probably a little but this intense energy is actually making me stronger. That is very different than the consistent pain I had in my left shoulder each time I lifted it above my head. That wasn't a growing pain; it was a slight injury that shouldn't have been addressed with harder work but with rehabilitation.

For some, it will be time to leap. For others it will time to rest. At either point, however, it's helpful to learn the difference.