Are you a purple cow?

Hey to all the cool people reading this blog-- if you're a loser you don't get a hello, sorry. Wooah, just kidding!

Anyways, as I was wandering through today, I came across a great video by Seth Godin, Mr. Purple Cow Marketing Guru himself. Seth talks about the importance of standing out and being different, particularly in terms of marketing. I'd also like to define what I mean when I say marketing, because I think a lot of people confuse words like marketing, advertising, and public relations.

Marketing= set of actions you take to get noticed by the person you want to pay you (client, boss, government, whoever). Ideally, you want these efforts to guide them to take specific action, which many times is to buy your product or service.

This was a big relief to me, and may be to all the other innovators reading this.

You don't have to be everything to everyone.

You need only to find a set of groupies who will cross the Himalyas to see you (no pressure right?). On a more serious note, this alleviates a ton of pressure. Now you get to focus on the customer or client, find out what they want and deliver it! You can be more personal, get creative with your branding and pride yourself in standing out! If you're not a purple cow, then you're missing out on something truly magical...

Focus your energy, find the gems in your customer base, treat them like royalty and deliver-deliver-deliver, and watch your revenue grow.

Oh, and enjoy the video. Post your thoughts below :)

Photo taken by Yodel Anectdotal. Click here to see original photo.