Not everyone is going to see your gifts

A fisherman in Brazil has little use for a painting from the 1800's. A vegetarian doesn't really see the benefit of a rare piece of Argentinian steak.

And a basketball coach doesn't really need the newest subscription to a knitting magazine.

It isn't that the painting, the steak or magazine aren't valuable, it's that value in and of itself is highly subjective.

It's about your audience.

Your community.

Those who find value in what you offer. Many times, especially when we're younger, we find ourselves in circles of people who don't really understand or see the need for our particular gifts. After ridicule, shame and misunderstanding, we sometimes think we no longer should or need to share that side of ourselves with the world.

And that's not true.

Find and cultivate your gifts.

Bask in them as if they were holy water for your soul.

And if ever you find a naysayer, someone who tells you to play small, ignore them.

Ask them to leave.

or walk away.

Life is too short to humor the rantings of pessimists and critics with no vision or credibility for your work, your field, your expertise.

Go into life bold, brave and unapologetically as you are and better yet, as who you aspire to be, your best self.

And to everyone else?

They can $#%* off. :)