My Facebook Mustache

How many times have we gone on Facebook only to look at all of our “friends” living their perfect lives? Then we feel bad about ourselves, wanting what we think they have.

Let’s be real, I look at Facebook for more than 10 seconds and I wanna die.

Everyone looks cooler, happier and more stylish than me. I’ve come to the conclusion I need a personal stylist, personal trainer and brand manager for my Facebook account, because, after stalking my college friends and business associates for the last 4 hours, I vote that I’m biggest loser out of my 2,000+ friends, ⅔ of which I don’t know and are some people that in 2004, when Facebook just came out, I said why not.

You can poke me and we can be friends. #oldschool #whopokesanymore #doespokeevenexist

Facebook has got me wondering about bullshit like..

Bathroom selfie shot with duck lips?

Like seriously, why is no one liking my pictures? I have to worry about stupid babies and fat cats getting all the love.

Why didn’t she tag me to her “repost this to 10 women you love” picture?  What, we're not friends anymore?

Dude, did he really just unfriend me. Really?

Omg, it looks like I have a mustache in that picture! Why didn’t she photoshop that? Why would she tag me to that knowing I have a nasty stash look! [texting her now to take it down OR to report as inappropriate content]

Even with sexy pictures, lots of friends and mom and pops liking my posts, I’ve come to the conclusion I have no friends, could stand to lose a few pounds and should probably pop out a baby or get married if I want to stay relevant.

It's got me thinking.

What are we doing with our lives, watching what are basically glorified soap operas on Facebook, wishing we had what exactly?

What about the important stuff? When are we going to get real about our own lives?

The truth of the matter is we hide on Facebook, among other things.

I love the freedom that social media and digital media can offer, but it's important to not confine yourself to a soap opera.

The bigger question is what are you doing with your life that you're proud of?

And more importantly, have you acknowledged the dream inside of you that just won't go away?

For me, that involved realizing that this is what I want to do. Media. Talk-show, lead a team and be super creative. Earn the right to have the attention of millions to serve and be uplifted in return.

But for a long time that felt too big.

Yes, I want video but I'll look dumb and I don't know the tech.

I can't afford that.

No one will show up.

What can I even say?

Ah, I'm too tired for this.

The excuses are endless but the dream is strong even when hidden, even when we find ourselves roaming around the digital landscape of Facebook wondering if our ex-boyfriends girlfriends are hot (and we often hope not--shame on us!).

Reminiscing about times past because you don't like your present life.

But you can change that.

I promise you, there is no magic formula to start, simply a choice that you will and the bravery to keep going when it get hairy.

Like for our upcoming S&M course... we were supposed to launch October 1st, 2013 but with significant website setbacks we made the executive decision to wait.

This led to a bigger investment of time and money on our part, but it was the right decision.

Did I know the right answer? No.

Was I stressed, tired and wondering what I got myself into?

Yeah, at certain points.

But you just wait. Our website is going to look outstanding. And the product is even better. (Ah I'm so excited!)

The journey is as sweet as it is sour and the outcome makes you stupid enough to want to do it again.

I wish for each of you that sort of stupidity.

Being smart is safe.

But being foolish? Well that's an adventure..

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