That's just the way it is

For the majority of my life I've been told, "that's just the way it is." And it's a statement I detest.

And while there is a hint of truth in that statement, the bigger message speaks to the belief that you are powerless.

But what happens when you shouldn't just accept things as they are? When do you reach the point that something needs to be said or done? Moving on is inevitable and acceptance is necessary to feel at peace, but how you move on is key. It's "just the way it is" in great part because you accept it as so. And that's what I'm here to talk about.

There comes a time when it's important to speak up. When it's necessary to stand up and say, "I don't agree with that. Just because it is this way, doesn't mean it should be, and I'm going to do 'x' about it."

But so many people just accept things exactly as they are. They don't embody change, they're afraid to be noticed and when enough of the world thinks and fears in this way, our society doesn't change much 50 years out.

When segregation was the status quo, people may have accepted it as an undeniable reality (it was in fact a law), but it didn't stop people from speaking out against it and taking action to change it. When enough people recognized the blatant injustice "separate but equal" had caused and took action, segregation ended.

How often do you realize that things shouldn't be as they are?

How many times do you wish you would've said something?

Was there ever a time you agreed with other change agents, but let them fight that fight alone? You didn't speak up out of fear?

We live in a place where there is a right to free speech. This is something that countless people have died for and around the world, are still fighting for. We are blessed to not fear for our lives when voicing our opinions, and in the cases where we do, we have the resources and infrastructure available to relocate.

So why do so many people hide from their own voices?

If you don't defend what is right, if you fear conflict, loss or exclusion to the point of silence, then the world will stay the same. And that's a shame.  That isn't the place I dream of at night or the place I hope to raise my children in.

We can and should do better.

To say that "this is it" means that we have failed. It means that humanity has ceased to be hungry for knowledge and the change that often times accompanies it.

There's a reason you feel that tightness in your chest when you know should say something.

You can do it. You should do it.

So go ahead, say something.