The emperor isn't wearing any clothes

One of the most common complaints originating from and stated about major corporations is that change is slow and true innovation is damn near impossible. In fact, it's an almost accepted fact that you shouldn't come to expect speed, innovation or loyalty from the Fortune 500 suite.

There is immense frustration amongst employees, especially those who actively aim to get shit done.

And there is equal, if not greater frustration, for those who intend to work with corporations to bring the very innovation they need to their doorsteps.

Most corporate employees end up leaving their organizations. Tired of the politics, they begin working in a similar role at a new organization, maybe with better pay. Or they begin to consult. But the problem isn't solved. It's avoided.

So let's acknowledge the elephant in the room:

Why is it accepted that corporations are slow, difficult to work with and lack innovation?

The NYC start-up scene is booming, more and more people have access to media and driving user generated content, digital is exploding.

More innovation than ever is available and for a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

What is in the way of you using it?

The reality is that corporations have the potential for immense good. They have budgets, they have brands (credibility) and they have reach.

They have intelligent people who want to do the next big thing and hope, deep down inside, they will be commended for it as opposed to judged, ridiculed or fired.

This exists on every single level of the organization from the mailman to the CEO.

Innovation starts with admitting the emperor isn't wearing any clothes. Let's call it for what it is.

And then do something about it…

And for the sake of all the good people in the corporate world aiming to do great work, from the mailman to the CEO, let's acknowledge why don't we that the emperor is in fact not wearing a damn thing.