When all email is deleted.

No more distraction. No more reason to check your inbox 55 times in 30 minutes.

What you're left with is time, time to do work with real ROI. To do the important tasks that your business and life are most sensitive to.

With the help of a friend, The Four Hour Work Week revisited and some self discipline, I have been able to clean out the hell that was my inbox and free myself from what I felt so chained to.

But now I sit and wonder what to do. Tim Ferris talked about the fact that earlier on in his life he didn't stop working even when he reached financial security becuase he didn't have anything else to replace the work with.

There was no incentive to stop working. He no longer knew what he wanted and the resistance to discovering life was great enough to keep him living a methodical, stressful life.

He hid. Like so many, he hid beneath indecision, submission and excessive working.

For others maybe it's in the inbox they hide. Or twitter. Or Facebook.

You know what I'm talking about. The nice day you don't want to venture out into.

The invite to the play with friends you haven't seen in ages... the invite you deny.

The chance to speak at an international conference of 50,000 people to voice your expertise surrounding nuclear power... the one that you let sit in your inbox until the day of the event, that you finally delete because hey, the deadline already passed.

Maybe throughout our complaints of unproductive work days, lack of fulfillment in what we do and not enough vacation time, maybe we really want those obstacles there. Because without them, what would we do?

What would we do with the freedom that is now ours?

Who would would we become and what changes would now be ushered in?

With no mail to distract me and with clear goals about what I now will and will not do (e.g. types of speaking engagements, emails I will respond to, etc.), I have the structure I've been craving that will allow me to focus on my real goals. The only thing left to do is to follow-through and do the work. And that's the tough part, because I've removed the excuses. I can't blame anything or anyone anymore... It's all on me.

But many of us don't allow ourselves to reach the clearing to decide what to build. We sub-conciously put 100 obstacles in our path...

Our friend's moving day

The debt for a new car we didn't need or want



Failing relationship

The majority of the time we are standing in our own way. You can call it email, Facebook, Twitter, debt, racism, obesity, etc.

The titles vary, but the results are unfortunately the same.