New Concept: 'Active' Business

The other day I gave a 2 hour presentation where I was standing the entire time. The result was that my back really hurt. This concerned me a great deal. I'm an active 25 year old who sets a huge priority on being healthy. But then I began to think how much time I spent sitting and how much time I spent glaring at my computer all of which are part of 'business'.

I've come to the conclusion that there must be a better way to be successful in business. There must be a way to not have to sit at your computer all day. There must be some solution so that we can live an active business lifestyle, one where we can get up and move around. One that takes us away from computer screens and puts us face to face with people. One that let's us draw, talk, experiment and more.

I don't know what this active business style looks like, but it's been on my mind for a while. I toil with thinking I'll be less effective if I'm not sitting down in front of the computer all day, but I suspect this is just as true as thinking that one must contemplate a problem until a headache forms before the solution will appear. Not the case.

I've come up with the idea of outsourcing, getting an assistant to take care of my administrative tasks (of which there are many!) of turning my wall into a chalkboard so I can write out my ideas (gets me off my butt), of focusing on meeting people in person (enhances the connection with people), etc.

The idea is simple: if I don't need to be in front of a computer to do my work, I can be somewhere else, such as Central Park. Let me do my creative work somewhere else.

Most people who think about location independence think that IF you have a computer you're connected to the world and thus you can do your work. You're unchained from the constraints of a typical office. Well what I'm referring to is connection to yourself and being unchained from the restraints of technology that negatively impact your health! Being in front of  a computer all day is toying with that...

So maybe active business is not only a great marketing ploy but also great for your health. Business happens when connections are made and value is evident.

What people typically do:

- Sit in front of computer all day (8+ hours)

- Email (sitting + computer)

- Avoid face to face contact or insist upon it at premature times

-  Blog writing (sitting + computer)

-  Meetings (sitting)

- Brainstorming (sitting + computer)

- Sales calls (sitting, office + computer)

What Active Business might look like:

- Sit down for only 2 hours a day

- Sitting can be done for email and x factor (e.g. blog writing). This means that within 2 hours you must complete these tasks. This limits the time you spend on them as well as introduces the idea of potentially outsourcing it.

- When appropriate, insist on meetings in places that don't involve sitting (e.g. Central Park).

- Phone meetings need to be done standing up (maybe use iPad to take notes so that standing is easy)

So what this may look like, for my ideal day, is something like this:

- Wake up, stretch and meditate

- Eat breakfast (yum)

- Workout (while I'm working out my assistant has sent out necessary outbound emails)

- Come home

- Conversation Calls: if in person, I always suggest that they are outdoors. If over the phone, I'm standing and walking around (maybe in Central park!) with a headset and an iPad or pad of paper to take notes. Calls are done for the day so...

- Read email (sit allowance) and set up meetings. Emails are meant to set up conversations. So I set them up.

- Go to Central Park with dog (if I'm not already there) and brainstorm for my creative work (how to work with a new partner). Take Luna for a walk when I'm done.

- Send out my thank you  postcards for the day

Some side notes:

- Maybe I've moved to a bit of a paper system. I track important conversations on paper (1 paper file per client) so that I know who I really need to speak to and who I need to follow-up on. Or maybe I use the ipad for this. Hmm.. The idea is that my goal is to have conversations so the idea is how can I set these conversations up and be mobile. I lose information on Highrise and because Highrise is Internet based, I'm forced to be with some type of Internet at all time, which many times includes a computer.

What are your thoughts? How do you think we can live an 'active' business lifestyle? I'd love to hear your feedback....