The point of taking a stand.

Sometimes the point of taking a stand is simply that: to take a stand. I'm remembering more and more what it's like to speak up. To speak my truths even if that Ieads to tension or conflict.

We are not able to guarantee an outcome. We are not guaranteed the fruit of our labor. And yet, we ARE given this moment. To craft and leverage to our liking.

In my first TEDx, I spoke about the power of authenticity and the detriment of truths unspoken. Now today, more than ever, it's time to leverage our voice. To speak up. And not just for what we see before us.


But also for what we aspire to, beyond what our eyes can see.

Dream with me.

Create with me.

Find ourselves on the other side of our own paintbrush.

I can't promise you it will be 100% free of reality. Of the pressures and urgencies of today.

I CAN promise you it will be magical.

I think, on the other side of this, is where greater equality lay.



The perfect music note.

In a feeling.

A knowing.

A possibility lived in and through by all those who grace planet earth.

Let equality not only be an ideal we strive for, but one we get to practice in our daily existence.

And for the life of me, I swear this may begin with creation, your voice and a bigger and better collective dream for tomorrow.

I HAVE a dream...

And the dream begins today.