What is man? What is woman?

A reflection on our true identity. 

I think we idolize the notion of separation. It makes us feel stronger, more powerful, and more primed to take on the outer world.

Separation reinforces a false notion of self and a feeble one at that. 

I don’t know that there’s a difference. What if we lived in a world where divisions weren’t idolized as a way to separate us? What if differences were seen as unique traits of an evolutionary existence where we expand into new ways of being all the time? What is man is to ask what is bread? We don’t require bread to be anything but delicious and even then, with the plague that is white Wonder bread, we still accept it as just that…bread. 

As just human… 

Listen. What I’m really saying is that you’re lovely, just as you are. That you’re free to be beyond what the world has prescribed to you, in all their notions of smallness. 

Free to change your name. 

Change your address. 

And pick a new favorite ice cream flavor every day of the week if it so suits you. 

Boxes don’t feel good unless we get to choose when we come and go, build and ditch them to our liking. 

And what feels so icky about most attributes we’re socialized to accept is that the boxes feel more like prisons than safe havens. 

What would it take to for you to mold your own identity? 

And do you feel you have that right?