Questions I ask myself when it rains.

Miami, 2016

Why is it raining?

Will it rain eternally?

Could there be a better time in all of existence for a movie than right now?

Who might snuggle next to me, if invited, while the heavens cry upon us?

Rain puts me on #inward status. It’s as if the world stops while my bed and bookshelf call to me. 

It’s time to go to Never Never Land, they sing. 

It’s all about perspective, isn’t it? 

In college, during an international business class on management, we were shown a study on a fishbowl. Riveting it was, you’re right. As the study goes, the same picture was shown to a group of Americans and the other to a group of Japanese students. 

Americans described the picture in silos, each object separate from the other with a firm focus on the object itself. The Japanese students’ description was more holistic. As if the picture were a living organism with multiple moving parts, similar to organs that all work together, the emphasis was more on the connection and relationship between the items than the items themselves. 

Both groups saw the same picture, but their perspectives and way of communicating varied greatly. 

Words have power. 

How we speak reveals how we think and what we value. While neither way is inherently right or wrong, words have the ability to expose the subtext of our lives. And by allowing yourself to communicate in a different way, you create empathy. You better understand the person you’re looking at by learning to speak like them, not only in terms of language or individual words, but in what you focus on

Try it the next time you’re talking to someone you think is different than you. They’re telling you who they are and what they value by what they choose to say and equally by what they choose to omit.