Advice for the end of the world.

The world could end tomorrow and yet no one aptly prepares us for this pending zombie apocalypse. I think that's lame. Don't you?

How can we rely on something like Netflix to better prepare ourselves the end of the world?


There are travel lists for everythang. But I have yet to see my "10 Carry-On Musts For The End Of The World" travel list on any travel blog for one said apocalypse. 


Where's the forward thinking, people?

So I'M STARTING A writing challenge of sorts entitled Advice For The End of The World.

This means that for 30 days--everyday--I'll be publishing EOWA (end of world advice) here on my blog. 

Some of it might be funny and relevant; some of it might be horrible. There could be typos, brilliance, digital tea stains (?), tears, anger... It, like the end of the world, is the wild west. 

It's a big enough deal to take on the task of preparing the human race for dooms day a la Squarespace in just 30 days. What can I say? I'm ambitious. 

The truth is that, well, I'm aiming for funny and will be taking creative risks in what that sounds like. And I guess that's the point? I want to write more and develop my comedic tone.  I've also grown tired of the endless self-help advice in my newsfeed on Facebook. 

If one more person tells me to find my purpose, I'm gonna slap a bitch. It could be you. Don't... just DON'T say it. 

In expanding ourselves creatively, I imagine we sometimes look stupid.

I felt really dumb when I made my first #AskJuanita episode in San Francisco and crazy stupid when I went dancing at Union Square on camera with a friend. 


The funny thing is that the more I poured myself into what I love, the more people seemed to respond positively. They genuinely miss Juanita and I get emails and texts frequently asking when she's coming back. 

Folks seem to dig my crazy accents and views on the world. So while this challenge is a stretch for me and a commitment, I think there's some opportunity there. I think it's important to follow laughter and let that be a commanding force in your life. 

I think it's oh-fucking-kay to put down your self-help book and watch a comedy. Or dance like a weirdo. Or fart in the elevator and blame it on your kid. 

This is what makes life rich and we forget that all the time. 

"Stupid is as stupid does." said Forrest Gump and he was the coolest, fictional human being ever.

I wonder what his advice would be for the zombie apocalypse...

Life, in that instance Forrest, is very much so NOT like a box of chocolates. And you better believe we don't know what we're gonna get. 

So the details of this amazing, magical journey: 

Project: Advice For The End Of The World.

Begins: Monday, April 11, 2016. 

Timeline: 30 Days

Point: Write more. Laugh more. Save lives like J man. 

How you can participate?

  • Easy! Start your own 30 day challenge on April 11, 2016 with me. Pick something you want to do for 30 days straight. The only rule is that is has to feel fun, be creative in nature and you do it for 30 days straight! Share your project idea in the comment section below and use hashtag #AdviceForTheEndOfTheWorld when you share on social media. 
  • Share your own Advice For The End Of The World on Twitter and use #AdviceForTheEndOfTheWorld
  • Share this series on Facebook. 
  • Laugh

All the best friends. See you Monday and laugh on. :)