"Podcasts are the new bars," + A Unique Opportunity To Work With Me


Toronto, Ontario, 2016

Happy March, everybody. I have three tantalizing updates to share with you so we’re going to keep this post short and to the point, while delivering lots of value. At least that’s my sincere hope. Here's a creative/comedic rant first, and if you want to jump right into the updates, scroll to the bottom. 

“Podcasts are the new bars,” says my friend Grant as we chatted on his podcast 10,000 HOURS for E86.  This statement along with the general off-the-wall, flirtatious, and incredibly fun energy behind this interview got me thinking. 

Why can’t more podcasts, or content in general, be this fun? 

So often I find myself stepping into interviews, especially when they’re live or if I'm part of panel, and there’s this air of, “#omg [insert valley girl voice]. I’m such a big deal.” 

“No way Stacey, really? You’re that big of a deal? Wait, like how big?"

At that point. Stacey rips out her phone, insists on showing me all her Tinder dates and I begin to cringe because I dated the same guy last night, and we’re both about to step on stage to deliver a speech. 

Why Stacey? Why...

I mean, I’m sure you’re important. In fact, I bet you work your ass off.  But do we always need to act important? Truth be told, I hope you’re solving something as important as depression. But do we really need to drown in how cool you are? How hipster-emo must it get before we step in front of a moving subway? On an emoji-emo-face scale of 1-10, where are we at? I'm feeling like a 9 which makes me think I'm going to soon have to whip out vomit-face-emoji to tolerate the ego-level in this room. 

But seriously, how long do I need to stare at your bulging biceps before I go blind? Can’t we just keep it light and fun? Maybe even laugh a bit?

I think many people mistake seriousness for presence and varying levels of narcissism for professionalism. But I’d argue we can get the job done well while smiling and laughing at ourselves along the way. Sometimes humor is wisdom (tweet it). 

[end creative rant, PART 1]

Now onto the updates! 


This is where the cool kids go when they're done working. #Podcasts. I'm particularly excited to share this oh-so-fun 10,000 HOURS episode, hosted and produced by none other than Grant Spanier (fellow Godinite) and Vince Koci.

In this high-energy soul swap, we discuss enthusiasm, creativity, and even dig into their astrology because why not? Listeners have called it hysterical, fun, and wise. Have a listen right here and be sure to tell me your favorite part in the comment section below


Woohoo! As of today, I have 3 spots available for new clients in 2016. For those of you that don't know, I'm the Creative Director at Viralalita Studios where I work with clients on branding, copywriting, and content creation. Mainly, I help you communicate who you are in a fresh way online. And the even better news is that I just rolled out a new start-up package for freelancers and small businesses.

In the 5 years I've been doing this work, I've learned what new businesses need (and don't need) to create a successful online presence. What I'm offering is jam-packed with value, years of expertise, and offered at a very competitive rate.  Plus, I deliver the goods in only two weeks. If you (or someone you know) could use help explaining their business in a fresh way, contact me here. Be sure to ask about the start-up special. 


It's raining podcasts, I swear to God. Earlier this week I caught up with Joshua Davidson--entrepreneur, speaker and Founder of Chop dawg--to share insights from working at Lyft, the American Embassy in Rome, and alongside marketing genius Seth Godin. We dig into travel hacks, remote working, and business growth internationally. I even dive into some of my favorite travel tips including my phone plan, how I work out (and stay fit), and the length of time I recommend to stay in each new city. Listen to the interview right here. 

March has proven to be full of opportunities, travel and laughter so far. What about you? What is your week looking like? Share in the comment section below.