How do you find your life purpose?

In our last episode of #AskJuanita, Juanita meets up with God herself and is invited to go on a journey to discover why she's here on earth.

Then, in the midst of her sincere, heartfelt efforts to focus and get down to brass tacks as they say, I did some fairly significant life housekeeping. It, along with what was left of named relationship, was left in this heartfelt letter to someone I shared 8 years of my life with.

It got me, and Juanita, thinking about how we discover our life purpose? In this process of letting go, which seems to be ongoing, it makes me wonder what to do with all this space?

And is there such a thing as a life purpose or is it some big hoax?

In this episode of #AskJuanita, she dives into how we even begin to find our life purpose. It's not like we're born with a manual. It's almost hidden in some respects, which makes me wonder if that's part of the point.

In the simplest of terms, I think our life purpose is whatever we're currently facing. That is our focus, first and foremost.

In the grander scheme of things, many of us come here for what may seem like beefy journeys.

But where I think we get distracted is in the assumption that the Grammy, the 1000 Facebook likes or the book deal is more important than the email response, the picking up of dog poop or the kind gesture at the grocery store. 

They all happen, now.

Thus, they are all as much a part of your life purpose as anything else.

When we master this concept, we're able to better tackle the more romanticized notions of life purpose.

Lots of marketers sell you the belief that you can and must "discover" your life purpose, that it's there waiting for you as some magical solution to your life problems. On the surface, there may be some accuracy to this idea. 

But, I'd caution you to really look deeper into such promises.

Alignment is a beloved sister to non-resistance.

Drop resistance (anger, frustration, dismay, agitation, etc.), and you'll find her pop in for a cup of tea.

But, how do you accomplish that?

By letting yourself feel your current experience as fully as possible without judgement (e.g. this is good or bad, desirable, ideal, crappy, etc.). It means honing in on the feeling versus the thinking, or story, around what you feel.

"Juanita" on set. EPISODE 11.2015.

"Juanita" on set. EPISODE 11.2015.

There isn't some magical answer you need about your future brilliance to provide this level of comfort and reassurance. 

You can access reassurance right now.

Your life situation may not be ideal; they almost never are. One can find solace in the knowing that life is inherently challenging and that the idea of perfection that's sold by the media is misleading and symptomatic of a mass illusion.

And it's the living illusions within you that believe and fear their promises.

They aren't bad or good; all illusions are as they are. And it's through awareness (presence) that these fall to the waist side and invite in greater alignment.

What is your life purpose?

In my own life, I feel that I'm here as a communicator, a bridge and an example of truth and self-expression.

But just as these realizations can be north stars in the dark night of our destinies, they can also be distractions, prisons made from consistently focusing our energy on the past and future.

So, when contemplating why you're here...

Be equally--if not even more--aware of right now

"Honor everything and nothing matters." -- Eckhart Tolle.