let's connect.

3 ways we can work together. 

join wild voices. 

Wild Voices is my (free) private support group for recovering creatives. What does that mean? A recovering creative is anyone who has an idea, a hunch, a poem, a business, a anything they want to create and feel stuck. Formed from the likes and inspiration of The Artist's Way, it's a safe, intimate space to share what you're working on (e.g. blog post, screenplay, brand,  design), discover your unique voice, and be your wild self.

Request your private invite here.

*Group is for those who identify as women, only. 

inside-look brand session 

Do you want to be a leader in your industry? Awesome. Then you need something fresh and unique to say. Compelling, even. In this session, we extract your core message and make it sound really good. We discover your voice. This session is a mandatory first step for all work I do with clients.  Please fill out this form and I'll contact you within 48 business hours if I think we're a fit. 

Haus of Lala is a communications agency specializing in personal branding. We help small businesses put their soul on the internet and ensure that who you are is accurately represented online. Check out our website to learn more

“Lalita is truly an expert in the branding space. She's a great teacher and has a knack for tuning in to exactly what her clients need in order for them to take the best action for their brand and life! She is generous, kind and extremely bright. While she will push you to do your best work, she's never overbearing and always delivers value beyond your expectations. If you're serious about taking your brand to the next level then you need to make the investment in yourself and work with Lalita.”


"Dear Lalita, wow, what a gift you have. I knew your work, and what you're about, resonated with me, but experiencing your talent through the brand strategy session was illuminating. You are one gifted Woman (aka Legend!). Working with you on the vision for my business was like witnessing a masterful DJ use all the different tracks (pieces of my puzzle), to create the most incredible harmonic, resonant piece of music that, when played back to me, brought me to tears. Lalita, you are an artist. And the world is a better place for you sharing your art.  A wholehearted thank you Dear One."