love from clients and readers around the world. 



"There is no one who knows or does authentic storytelling better. 
Lalita has an acute ability to tap into the heart of why we do things- and why it truly matters. Her personality, character, creativity, strength, and ability to execute on her ideas and move the needle make her a rare breed in the work world, and a true pleasure to work with on a small team. She is someone who can turn an idea into something that you can look at, touch, and engage with- typically leaving you saturated with idealism, a renewed urge to rediscover what it means to be authentic, and often shattering paradigms that you've never considered. She is a supreme communicator that has the insight, personal depth, influence and experience to make a significant dent in the universe. An opportunity that provides her this outlet will see magnificent returns."

- Josh Renfro, Marketing Manager, Lyft

"Lalita is an expert in finding beauty in language, brand and culture.
She's a joy to work with and makes the project fun and easy."

- Brad Sunness, Founder, Honey Soles


“Your latest piece just broke my heart wide open. Holy f*ck. Like into 1.56 million pieces. Do you realize you have the capacity to, and feel more than most people ever, ever will. And to be able to translate and communicate that into writing and then to others is a beautiful, rare, extraordinary thing.”

-- Allyson D., Reader

"Dear Lalita, wow, what a gift you have. I knew your work, and what you're about, resonated with me, but experiencing your talent through the brand strategy session was illuminating. You are one gifted Woman (aka Legend!). Working with you on the vision for my business was like witnessing a masterful DJ use all the different tracks (pieces of my puzzle), to create the most incredible harmonic, resonant piece of music that, when played back to me, brought me to tears. Lalita, you are an artist. And the world is a better place for you sharing your art.  A wholehearted thank you Dear One."

- Prue S. 

"It’s rare that you come across people like Lalita. I initially hired her to help me re-write the copy for my landing page as well as craft a custom pitch. The value I got far exceeded the initial scope of the project. While the project was completed quickly (in just under a month), it was an enlightening experience. Scarily at times she could find value in the most unnoticeable things and then present them in simple copy that stood out. I felt that Lalita ‘cared’ about my project, always taking extra time to get more insight into my perspective, ‘testing’ copy on someone she knew from my target group, and highlighting possible areas for improvement. With her focus on copy and all-round expertise, working with Lalita has brought me both enormous business and personal value. I highly recommend Lalita to anyone who needs great copy."

- Alex Shrestha,  Founder, Loops

"Lalita has the uncanny ability to bring out your creative side - whether you think you have one or not. What I love about her is that while you're working with her, you're not even realizing the tremendous progress you're making until the very end when you see the finished product and literally gasp. She doesn't create for you, she makes it so that she's creating WITH you. You'll be surprised at what she helps you find within yourself. Definitely recommend her and her work."

- Pamela Matta, Attorney + Podcaster


"Lalita's forte is user retention and user engagement. She knows the power of trigger based emails and has superb writing skills that can ramp up activity in any community. What I love most about Lalita is that she treats her content the same way she treats her team - up-tempo with a genuine passion for achieving big things."
- Luke Langon, Director of Growth, LE TOTE


Lalita is a pro. Her advice on book marketing is simultaneously actionable and inspirational. Fantastic, no-BS guidance based on her experience working with some of the world's most successful authors." 
- Patrick Vlaskovits, NYT best-selling Author, The Lean Entrepreneur


"Lalita is amazing and we had an incredibly productive call. She started things off by looking at my business on a high level, and then drilled down into some specific details. The call was very reassuring, as it confirmed some of the strategies that I was already implementing or considering, but she also gave me very actionable items that I could execute on. Highly recommended."
- Jim Hopkinson | Blogger


Lalita is an innovative thinker who forces you to look at the world and yourself in a completely different way. By working with her, you get a clearer sense of your unique value proposition, an urgency to make it known, and road-map of how to get there.”
-Sehreen Noor Ali | VP of Partnerships, Noodle


Lalita is truly an expert in the branding space. She's a great teacher and has a knack for tuning in to exactly what her clients need in order for them to take the best action for their brand and life! She is generous, kind and extremely bright. While she will push you to do your best work, she's never overbearing and always delivers value beyond your expectations. If you're serious about taking your brand to the next level then you need to make the investment in yourself and work with Lalita.”
- Theresa Campbell | Coach, Her Life Her Legacy


Lalita has a knack to listening to your challenges and coming up with actionable advice that not only helps solve them, but also makes the result that much better. Even when a challenge isn't present, and you're just talking about achievements, she finds a way to add value so that you can reach greater heights.”
- Joe Fairless | Real Estate Investor

Lalita is unstoppable. Maybe it's her relentless curiosity. Maybe it's her habit of continuously improving herself and her skills. Or maybe it's because she never stops doing the hard work that's necessary to take things to the next level. Her courage in facing challenges inspired me to tackle bigger and harder problems. She's not just an excellent teammate, she's a leader."
- Alex Miles Younger | Creative Director


Lalita is without a doubt one of the most valuable members of any teams with which I've been affiliated. I watched her grow from a curious team member to fiercely determined subject matter expert who was willing to do the work that no one else was. It's been a pleasure working with her on The Domino Project, and I have since (happily) recommended her for other work as well. My only regret in writing this is that I can't work with her more often!”
- Willie Jackson | Senior Engineer, W3 Edge


Lalita Ballesteros will get you thinking, guaranteed! ”  

- Eduardo Medina


“This class gets you out of your seat and reaching for the higher hanging fruit. I always enjoy Lalita's videos, but the highlight of this class was the exercise. She posed a seemingly simple question that made me see my project from an entirely different light. I struggled with the project, but it was definitely worth it! I definitely recommend this class if you're thinking about taking it. ”
- Jordan Hayles | Freelancer


Lalita is Awesome! The class was fun and full of engagement. You can tell she really cares about sharing the knowledge she's gained, and helping her students succeed. If you're looking for a super informative class that cuts through the bs and gives it to you straight, then this is it... Lalita has great energy, and real world wisdom to share. Looking forward to taking more of her classes in the future. ”
- Nick Cowan


“She walks her talk. She is authentic, no doubt. Great way to live, if you can pull it off and pay the mortgage, if you will. I enjoyed her spark!"
- Jim Franco

“Lalita is a force to be reckoned with, absorbed from, and nurtured by. She cares more about the individual progress of her students than any teacher I've ever worked with, and is a master at teaching her students to get the most out of each other. Lalita doesn't lecture you, or teach you. She engages you and forces you to engage with your peers. You'll get more ACTUAL work done in one of her 2 hour classes than you'll probably get done in a week on your own.”
- Evan Walther, CEO + Founder, FitKey

Lalita is a hot shit! I first met her at the Reboot Conference in January and though all the presenters there were amazing, I could not get enough of her business development sessions. She brings a confident swagger to the hustle, without pretension or obnoxiousness. What I love about her approach is that she shares her mistakes, along with all the learnings she's discovered along the way. I gained a lot of clarity in her class, through the homework and feel more prepared to launch into the next phase of my business. Also, I love the way she uses fashion and style to work a room!”
- Liz Gold | Copywriter


“If you want someone to hold your hand and recite what a textbook tells you about business development, then this is not the course for you. Lalita shares her real world examples about being a boss (and she can prove she is.) One of the most impressive things I have heard in a long time came from Lalita, "You only have to walk a few steps ahead to be a leader." Lalita hasn't come up with this yet--- but I am going to be the first BD (Ballesteros Disciple)”
- Anoop Kansupada | Co-founder


Lalita's no nonsense approach cuts to the chase, giving insider information of high quality and value. If you want to do serious business listen to Lalita Ballesteros.”
- Nate Cooper | Author, Co-founder Reboot Nation


Lalita is a phenomenal instructor. Very high energy and is able to give plenty of relevant, real world examples from her own experience.”
- Haroon Khan

Lalita is a real dynamo. She's whip-smart, full of verve and very thoughtful. I was really surprised by how much I learned on a subject I thought I was getting better grades in. I look forward to putting it into practice.”
- Rebecca Jackson | Writer


“This was the best spent two hours in a classroom in many years. I felt like I received an MBA worth of knowledge from her unequaled teaching. Inspirational, honest and extremely helpful. ”
- Rob Cross


Lalita lives more authentically than anyone I've seen and it's evident in her class. Her approach to teaching is unique and impactful, and the content in her class is insightful and interesting. Highly recommended for anyone dealing with relationships in any line of business.”
- Scott Pollack | BD + Products, American Express


“Simply amazing. Lalita is a no nonsense teacher that has a lot to share. She forces you out of your comfort zone at times, but it's all for personal growth. And her wacky use of the whiteboard is hysterical. I would highly recommend her class. ”
- Joshua Goldstein


“Ranks as probably top three Skillshare classes I've ever taken. Very interactive. Very insightful and personalized feedback. 100% certain this is NOT the last class I'm taking from Lalita.”
- Brian Kil | BD + Partnerships, Dwolla