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 Below are curated samples of my work.
I've also worked with hundreds of individuals on a consulting basis, some of which you can see here.
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Satori Prime founders Guy and Ilan came to me feeling limited by their niche as successful online marketers. They wanted to expand their reach into the self-help/spirituality space and honor their true passion. When I found them, their web presence was significantly outdated and their messaging didn't accurately represent who they were or the vision they had for their business. I worked 1:1 with Guy and Ilan to elevate their entire online presence. We began at the beginning. I distilled their essence.  I interviewed their parents and former girlfriends. I wanted to know them as those who love them most do.  In the course of 6 months, we entirely transformed their online presence.  We translated their vision into powerful imagery with a new logo, a more refined typeface, and a dynamic site that sings of magic, sarcasm, and wisdom. Most importantly, we honored who Satori Prime is at their core. 



Haizii is a Chinese-American brand that produces hand-made, high-end pottery with a focus on sustainability. The client came to me with native Chinese website copy that was roughly translated into English. She wanted to translate the original feel of the Chinese text into English and maintain the spiritual nature of her work. We opted to rewrite all the copy as a series of short poems; each one embodying a narrative from the mountaintop (Haizii).   


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Lyft ran a successful college ambassador program that consisted of thousands of college students all over the USA. When I came onboard, the program was growing rapidly but lacked consistent messaging, a polished brand that evoked trust, and educational material to onboard new ambassadors in a streamlined fashion. As a result, we created a 1950's inspired 4-part video series to train ambassadors at scale. Each video was both entertaining and educational, providing students with key sales, social media, and marketing training. 

This is what past clients have to say...

It’s rare that you come across people like Lalita. I initially hired her to help me re-write the copy for my landing page as well as craft a custom pitch. The value I got far exceeded the initial scope of the project. While the project was completed quickly (in just under a month), it was an enlightening experience. Scarily at times she could find value in the most unnoticeable things and then present them in simple copy that stood out. I felt that Lalita ‘cared’ about my project, always taking extra time to get more insight into my perspective, ‘testing’ copy on someone she knew from my target group, and highlighting possible areas for improvement. With her focus on copy and all-round expertise, working with Lalita has brought me both enormous business and personal value. I highly recommend Lalita to anyone who needs great copy.
— Aleksandr Shrestha, Founder at Loops
Lalita has the uncanny ability to bring out your creative side - whether you think you have one or not. What I love about her is that while you’re working with her, you’re not even realizing the tremendous progress you’re making until the very end when you see the finished product and literally gasp. She doesn’t create for you, she makes it so that she’s creating WITH you. You’ll be surprised at what she helps you find within yourself. Definitely recommend her and her work.
— Pamela Matta, Founder 'The Spot' Podcast
Lalita is an expert in finding beauty in language, brand and culture. She’s a joy to work with and makes the project fun & easy.
— Brad Sunness, Marketing Manager, Shandali

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