Your most urgent message

In order to enact change and to overcome the fear that prevents you from making high-stake decisions, you need an insurance policy which comes in the form of your most urgent message. This is a theme I spoke about in my recent TedxTraverseCity talk this past week.

The idea is that the further your life (the outer circle) is away from your most urgent message, the one thing you must share with the world today, the less  likely you will be to do the things that make your heart beat faster, which is necessary to make some bad-ass change happen in the world. World hunger doesn't solve itself by sitting on your couch.

When my friend told me that her father was dying and was trying to get a hold of the 49'ers, there was nothing I could do or say to justify not making that call.

I knew the process of getting hard to reach people on the phone, especially in large organizations.

I knew how to be persuasive to get them to pay attention.

And one of my urgent messages, that there is nothing more valuable than honoring human life, was at stake.

So I called the owner of the team. And about 15 other people.

It didn't matter to me if they hung up, told me no or said go to hell. There was nothing they could say to persuade me this wasn't worth their effort.

It was a man's dying wish and it would take 5 minutes of their time.

Live in that place on a daily basis and there is nothing you won't do to see your vision for the world unfold....