You tell me.

Too often do people spend time worrying about the tactical that they miss the big picture.

  • They worry about if they should leave something behind with the customer after the sales call.
  • They worry if their resume is the perfect paper and if all the lines are perfectly spaced.
  • They toil over if they've used enough keyword rich blog posts to drive traffic to their blog.
  • They stress over if their makeup looked just right on that first date.

The above factors all have an influence on the experience you created for someone, whether it's a customer, a potential boss, someone searching the internet or a potential significant other.

But those things come after something far greater.

Did what you say matter? Did you leave a memorable impact? Is what you produced worth revisiting?

If not, then the tactical is next to irrelevant.

Who cares if you left a potential client a sales piece after the call in hopes that they remember you? Was the meeting worth remembering? Were you worth remembering?

What does it matter if the resume is perfect if you had nothing valid to say about how you're going to help the company or why you want the position?

Why bother getting people to come to a blog that says and stands for nothing? That is scoured with ads and void of any value?

And you tell me if it matters that your makeup was perfect if you didn't connect with the person you went on a date with?

All of the above are examples of selling: of getting someone to take a desired action.

Use your business.

Give you that job.

Go to your blog.

Marry you.

But what selling is really about is connecting and understanding. It's about being real.

Sales is the cornerstone of all business. But most people don't know what selling means. They confuse it with business cards, sales letters and a suit.

But it isn't. It's about connection. It's about engagement. It's about standing for something and letting that position be read loud and clear.

How clearly are you being heard or understood? And are you even speaking...