What’s your muse? Why Passion Counts.

Total Read/View Time: 7 min. Interview is with Dawn, lead dance instructor from KipTom Dance Studio in Cheektowaga, NY. She talks about defining her muse.

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Muse:  a. A guiding spirit.

b. A source of inspiration

You guys are in luck! We are going to be taking a journey over the next few weeks and months, interviewing successful entrepreneurs and artists to discover the relevance of passion and to determine what their muses are.

I am also going to take the 4HWW challenge to form a muse that produces automated income. I am SO EXCITED FOR THE CHALLENGE!  I'll detail what Tim Ferris lays out as the guidelines so that you can follow along too! Like Dawn says in the above interview, we have a great many muses. For people such as myself, there will never just be one.

For anyone that has read The 4-Hour Work Week, you should be very familiar with the term muse. How could you not! For those of you that haven't, GET ON IT! The book has completely altered my life for the better.

But anyways, on to the meat of the issue. I've been at a quarter-life crisis, if you will, since I graduated last year from the University at Buffalo. Jumping hastily into my first start-up business and having read The 4HWW, I am now forced to step back and ask myself what really matters and what I'm really passionate about; what is my muse? The little voice inside me continually says there is something to passion. So, now I am on a mission to figure it out.

Here is the irony: I shunned the idea of pursuing careers such as medicine (to be a doctor) or law (to be an attorney) if done only for money sake, because the path to strictly money is long and endless, never bearing any real nourishment. I had 2 paths each with 2 options. 9-5 job choosing a job based on money or based on passion, or entrepreneurship based on passion or money.

I knew the 9-5 was NOT for me because it was the way to the LEAST amount of freedom of time, creativity and ownership and it was the worst way to make $ in terms of taxes. So, I chose entrepreneurship. However, I had the same 2 options as I did before: passion or money? I thought the 2 were oppositional, that by choosing one, the other would be excluded. WRONG AGAIN. Well, this is me learning that lesson. This is me documenting that lesson. As one of my mentors, Pat Precourt, states, "you'll realize it isn't about the money. Money really stands as just a checkpoint for your success". So what did I do? I pursued real estate because of the money. How ironic? I said, "o there's no money is this or that, so I will do this."

I've also struggled a lot with comparing myself to others, "Well this guy attained financial freedom by doing a, b and c so that must be what I need to do!" It doesn't work like that. Formulas are great ways to achieve success, especially if they have been tried and tested. But there are forces at work for things we cannot explain and there are variables that we cannot test or interpret. Where Google Analytics falls off, the x-factor steps in. Passion and purpose. There is something to be said for loving what you do or loving the road you've chosen.

It may be time to alter paths…

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