Worrying is your biggest liability

It stifles creativity. It endangers your most important relationships and smells of instability and weakness.

And it brings more bad news than good.

Worrying feels like an insurance policy, a hedge fund against utter disaster. But it's really the crooked friend, well-intentioned at best, punching you in the face in the middle of the night and saying I told you so in the morning when you look like shit.

""See, dreaming and envisioning a better world for yourself was such a stupid idea. Look at what it did to your face!""

Sounds like a friend we could all do without.

The reality is that not a single one of us can make the promise of 100% certainty for anything. Smart people know this which is why a clear sign of an amateur is someone who over promises in an effort to please and persuade.

Say goodbye to worry and hello to reality. We are all on a journey that's unpredictable and volatile by nature. We might as well enjoy it.

""See fantasy is what people want, but reality is what they need."" -- Lauryn Hill