Willingness to have your world turned upside down

"But I just have the sense that everything in my world is going to change…" Isn't that what we dream of?

Don't we wish for a life of grandness, whatever grandness might entail for us?

More time with our family, wealth, traveling to foreign countries, happiness that stays…

What they don't much explain in school is that the road on that journey is ridden with signs, leaps of faith and a period of significant trial right before you break into that new realm, the place you have always dreamt of.

It's a new world.

People speak differently, act differently, view the world with what seems to be a different set of eyes.

It is most certainly a new world.

And to get there involves courage. Right before you find the magic lamp, open the scroll with the eternal secret or bow to your destiny, you are tested and forced to learn a new way of flourishing. Your old skills no longer serve you. Your fear no longer serves you.

Imagine yourself in a beautiful garden with fragrant flowers garnishing the landscape for as far as the eye can see, all of your favorite friends are there, the sun shining brightly as you run through the grass.

You love that place. You're grateful for that place.

And then suddenly you get the sense you've played all the games there you could.

Strangely enough, your friends have slowly disappeared (with new ones to replace them), and although you can hear them in the distance, and although the garden is just as beautiful and the sun just as bright, your heart yearns for something more.

And in that very moment, that's when your attention is drawn to the sky where there is a mysterious latter floating, calling to you. None of the other children notice the latter except you.

You don't know where the latter leads and you know that where you are is magnificent. You're not even sure where it came from.

You also are acutely aware that you must somehow climb it.

The moment you recognize that there's more, that this part of the journey is ending, the "teacher" appears, the opportunity to move to the next level so to speak.

But how will you get to the latter that seems to be at least 100 feet in the air?

We think that the only point is to the climb this wooden construct in the sky but I'd argue the more sacred moments are those when you realize that it, the latter, even exists and when you form the gumption to climb it, regardless of how far away it seems.

Most people ignore the voice of the journey calling to them and never look to the sky to see the world that hovers not so far above us.

They think that climbing the latter is a lack of gratitude for their current situation or illogical given the absolute beauty of their current circumstances; it just isn't rational to leave.

But for a small percentage of the world, we are in constant search of the latter, both actively seeking it's arrival, knowing it brings with it the rejuvenation of youth, while simultaneously mourning the self that will be lost in sacrifice to the new you.

These individuals know in fact that the only way to find that latters of the world is to appreciate them before they arrive and to be grateful for the garden at every stage of the journey.

I chase latters everyday.

What about you?