Willingness to be passionate and foolish

There is much to be said for passion and foolishness. As we get older it seems we're given the cue to be less enthusiastic and more calculated, so much so that silliness and good-natured ridiculousness are frowned upon. But this story that you will soon read highlights immense love, ludicrousness and a happy ending. It's a journal entry from my mother when I was 6 years old when I had my first encounter with the death of my praying mantis. I have always had a huge love for animals and nature and don't cope well with death. I hope you enjoy the story and I hope you're willing to love, rationalize and fight as hard as the 6 year old in this story who thought she lost her new friend...

Journal entry September 30, 1992 Lauryn sobbed relentlessly, huge tears streaming down her cheeks as she mourned her dead praying mantis. “If you would have let me bring him in my room, he would not have froze to death!” I felt really bad. Lauryn caught her first interesting creature in the bug-catcher that she made in summer enrichment class and couldn’t wait to bring him to school.

Now, Mom’s reluctance to allow him as an overnight guest was being held as cause for his demise. A difficult case to plead. Nothing I said made it better.“Well you could have put him in the garage, like I suggested….”

We’ll get you another bug to bring to school.” The worst was…”Well honey,it was probably just his time to die” What do you mean…she waled….h-h-he wasprobably just a teenager!” He was t-t-too young to die!”

We sat on the hallway step for the longest time looking down upon the motionless green beauty. "I know!..I’ll bring him to school anyway. I’ll just tell people he’s sleeping."

Well I suppose you could I said…I started to say. Then, The Miracle happened. Lauryn looked up at me, eyes about popping out of her head, and said “He’s alive!!! He just hopped up on the screen!!!!

Sure enough the old boy was just sleeping. Lauryn brought her friend to school after all and showed him proudly to her class. When she came home, she set him free in the backyard. Case against Mom was dismissed. Till next time.