Why you're probably working too hard

Most people spend a lot of time on things that do not generate any results. They shy away from the great tasks (seeds of opportunities) which also tend to be the scariest and carry the most resistance and instead opt into to long work days with little real output.

Can you think about that for a moment? The scary tasks are seeds of opportunity. They are the makings of the world you hope to create for yourself. The girl you yearn for, the house you wish you could afford and the prestige you are obsessed with creating. What forces you out of your comfort zone is really a seed of opportunity to change your life into the one you want rather than the one you tolerate.

After you do the right kind of work, the rest is out of your hands. Punto. We like to toy with the notion that we are in total control and have full influence over the outcome.

But that just isn't true.

Once we form our creations and before they come back to us full circle, they need to be passed around a bit like a freshly lit joint at a rock concert.

It needs to be tasted, seen and fully experienced by others. It's an intimate journey between your inspiration and those it touched, one that you may know nothing about, that is, until it comes back to you and you see the outcome.

And when things just do not seem to fall into place no matter what you do, that tends to be a sign that you're barking up the wrong tree.

We can tell ourselves the story that life is hard and seek out opportunities that require us to work in ways that drain us and question our existence on daily basis.

Or we can accept that life is dynamic, ever-changing and that once we've done our work, the right work, the rest is out of our hands. The next best thing we can do is to go and be happy.

I'm going to repeat that: the next best thing we can do is to go and be happy.

Love your husband up a bit, create a delicious meal or seek out some adventure and try that new spinning class.

There is no destination outside of your mind, only an invisible, multi-dimensional path we are trotting along.

As David put it so eloquently,

Let go your heart, let go your head

And feel it now

Let go your heart, let go your head

And feel it now

- "Babylon" by David Gray