Why sales is branding (and vice versa)

You're always selling a story. A story that you can deliver, that you're trustworthy and that it's worth someone's time to speak with you.

Thus, if the conversation is the sales aspect, your story is your brand.

Who are you, why does it matter and more importantly, why should I care?

I talk about some of the reasons that someone would care about who you are here and why they'd want to work with you.

Think of this as the two-fold test, the thing that every partner sub-conciously asks themselves before they work with you:

Can I introduce you to by business-mom (my boss) and does this work together make me look good, bad or great?

As a sales person your job is to demonstrate value. Your brand is the story, the trust, the credibility, the justification and the signs that point to a resounding yes (to you)!

Your prospects are always buying you, whether you like it or not.

So be big enough that the world can't possibly ignore you and be credible enough so that when they see you, they'll listen.