Why cocktail parties annoy me

Everyone in New York it seems has only 2 questions at a cocktail party: 1. What's your name? 2. What do you do?

These questions are generally asked in lightening succession, one right after the other.

And It bores me to death.

The thing is that I'm interested in a real, human conversation, not a forced interaction based on the monotonous delivery of two questions.

And I don't know how to facilitate that after a social frisk.

I could be interested in meeting you, but not to have my importance be assessed in a split second.

So I'm not sure why people spend so much time at networkig events, trying to do God only knows what. I just don't see the point...

If I want to meet you, I'll find you and arrange it. And if I meet you and you're interesting, I'll welcome the interaction. But if you drill me like a soldier to see if I'm worth the convo, I'll pass ...