Why are we so afraid

It's there. Lingering about. Waiting for a moment to strike, to creep, to slowly enter into the conversation and then spread. Fear.

But when I think about why we're so afraid, from a rational stand point  it makes no sense to me.

I read a blog post today about a 41 year old man who said, "I had no idea at 31 that I'd be dead by 40 and it would be due to cancer." He wrote it before he died and it was his last wish to have it posted once he passed.

We assume that we will live until 90 or that others will too.

It's these assumptions that we hide behind:

That there will be more time.

That there will be other opportunities.

But there is no such guarantee.

Every moment that you hesitate or second guess yourself to the point of stagnancy  is a moment lost forever.

We love epic stories, tales of love conquering all, the little guy winning...

But epic stories, love conquering all and the upset all happen when people do something.

We don't make statues about the guy who lacked conviction.

Who always said 'next time'.

Who didn't experience pain.

Who never knew true loss and thus couldn't possibly know true gain.

Don't tell me you want to be a millionaire and then sit on your ass.

Don't tell me that the luxuries of life such as love, wealth and happiness are for others.

Don't tell me your dreams only to see them waste away.

You're too important and the work, your work, waiting to be done is too great.

I have no tolerance for it. It's foolish. It's selfish. Is it utterly ungrateful.

And so what are we waiting for I ask?

What are we (myself included) so afraid of?

Debt, disaster, rejection?

Why are we unwilling to start?

Every time you're afraid to the point of doing nothing, to the point of retreat, read this post.

Make this promise to yourself:

I won't quit. My work is too important; I am too important. I don't care how loud the voice gets or how passive aggressive it is, I am going to persist.

I'm a rockstar dammit.

I will get to my destination if it's the last thing I do. Because that's why we're here: to live a full life and to experience this journey to the fullest.

And mostly, I want to be proud of the life I've lived. And I can't do that in good faith if I don't face my fears.

I've got this.

Pass this on to anyone you know who's stuck and could use a boost.